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Designed to



     MDHY Strategy

  • Create and Implement Clear Focused Strategic Communications

  • Help you Determine and Reach Your Goals

  • Share Your Passion for the Programs, Products and Services You Offer 

  • Connect and Develop a Strong Rapport and Loyalty with Your Clients

  • Show Customers How Your Products and Services Improve Their World

  • Drive Increased Business and Customer Satisfaction

Key Services 

  • Strategic Planning

  • Community Outreach

  • Impact Connections

  • Program Development

  • Story Telling 

  • Speech Writing

  • Coaching

  • Relationship Building

  • Impact Programs 

  • Event Planning

  • Video Production

  • Video Scripts

  • Copy writing

  • Website copy

  • E-News

  • Blog Articles


​​Corporate and Non Profit Impact Programs, Video and Events:  At MDHY, experience shows that business's see results from clear, direct, and comprehensive communications. Products, services and programs that help brand your business and truly benefit your customers, create passionate loyal return customers.


Let us help you share the passion you have for your business. Through a thoughtful interview and creation process, MDHY can identify, develop or tweak your Mission, Vision, Key messages, and Target audience, be it internal or external.  MDHY will put together a comprehensive plan or take on one component, such as, web content, to match your company's needs.


Using a variety of communications media, MDHY can help you inform, connect, motivate, train and educate your clients and employees to improve loyalty,  customer service, sales and productivity.


Experienced in management of website creation and re-design, live broadcast, print and video, and strategically partnering with companies in PR, graphics, analytics and social media allows MDHY Communications to service clients to meet their communications needs.

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