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Programs Developed 2017-2021

Past Participants & Advocates 

  • Planet911 Youth Fellowship: (Launched 2021 - 13 students, ages 12-22, from 9 countries created Films and speeches to address a variety of issues related to the climate crisis).

  • Planet911 Youth Reports: (30 minute episodes on EarthxTV) Guests include a Senator, Congressmen, Youth Climate activists, planet heroes, a Nat Geo Sustainability director, Winner of the Children’s Peace Prize, Americor ambassadors, filmmakers and many more.  Anchors ages - 17-27, moderators ages 8-29.

  • Youth Film Challenges: Challenges with themes ranging from solving the climate crisis to developing sustainable inventions, to campaigning against single use plastics, reaching thousands of youth, from around the world.

  • Youth Ambassador Corp (YAC): Bringing students of all backgrounds together to learn leadership skills and tackle real problems such as food waste in the school cafeterias

  • Filmmaker on Tour: Brought filmmakers into schools to spark interest in environmental issues and to encourage youth to follow their dreams, harness their own passions and talents to become Planet Heroes. Reached approximately 5000 in Dallas metroplex and LA.  Reached many more virtually in 2020. Approximately 70 public and private schools participated.  Sanctioned by Dallas ISD, and many others.

  • STEAM Curriculum: Developed 28 lesson, free downloadable, trackable STEAM curriculum with Big Thought.

  • Film Festivals: Chaired WIFDAllas ChickFlicks Festival and EarthxFilm student categories. Support for Best of Fest – a unique festival bringing together 23 local film festival for weekend annually.

  • Community Outreach: Leveraged network of environmental experts and filmmakers to plan and coordinate thoughtful interactive panels in conjunction with monthly movie screenings. High focus on guest services for panel guests and audience.

  • Monthly Film Screenings: Guest registration, hospitality, research, selection, negotiations, talent management, talent coordination, speaker introductions, moderator, and record footage of functions for film panels and guests.

  • Education Newsletter: Along with an education colleague, created a quarterly, then monthly education newsletter distributed to approximately 1000 educators.  Later distributed to approximately 40,000.

  • Internship for college and high school students: Mentoring youth – helping them understand what it means to be in a professional environment and prepare them for for career decisions and future employment.  Between June 2017 and June 2021 there were X participants.  During the entire four years approximately 43% of participating college interns were hired by EarthX on a contract, part-time or full-time basis following their internship.  

  • CaliforniaFilm Institute

  • Creative Visions

  • Dallas VideoFest

  • Earth Echo International

  • EarthX

  • Future Coalition

  • MUN Impact

  • PeaceBoat

  • The Redford Center

  • Women in Film and Television Dallas

  • Women in Film and Television U.S.

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