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Strategies to Save Our Planet

Climate Crisis, Mentorship, Youth and Education, Cultivating Planet Heroes


Building focused programs and strategic communications to dramatically take charge and turn the climate crisis around. Specializing in building connections for collaboration and developing strategies for impact. 


Let’s change the world together 

Forging mutually beneficial relationships to promote programs that benefit everyone, reducing costs, creating buzz, expanding reach, providing additional perspectives for each partner to reach their objectives.


Until everyone on the planet understands the dramatic impact our collective action has on the health of our world, our planet, the home of future generations, will remain in jeopardy.


Connecting adults and youth with a strong interest in climate mitigation, sustainability, and planet stewardship, each with a strong consideration for human rights including BIPOC, Women, LBGQA+ and indigenous representation. 


Will our planet recover?  Will our children and their children have clean air, clean water, healthy food, a good life? Will people treat each other with dignity, equality and respect?  Or will the world descend into the dregs of science fiction lore where only those at the top of the chain of privilege have a good way of life? 


Everything we do influences what the next decade, century, millennium will inherit.  Join me to fight for a healthy, just, and equitable world. 

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